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Haii All!,My Name Is Jessica,and im a new artist. I JUST LOVE TO DRAW RATHER DIRTY THINGZ AHAHA..For Some Reason i just like drawing women with HUGE bewbiez ;3(maybe itz cuz im bisexual?) lolz,oh! and bunniez too :D

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Tipz Please!

Posted by Heavenly-Demon - August 2nd, 2010

I'm Really Having Trouble Drawing And I Know Many People Have Their Own Style When It Comes To Drawing<3 but I Would Like To Ask YOU "Advanced Artist's" On How I Can Improve And Get Better..My Art Teacher Isn't Much Of A Drawer, So I Don't I Don't Really Think He Can Give Me Good Tip's On How To Better My Skillz Up (For Example: What Did You Do To Get So Awesome At Drawing??,Do I Get A Notebook And Draw Everything I See??,Do I Draw What Comes In Mind?? TELL ME lolz) ..Soo If You Got Any Advice, PLEASE Do Tell..I Would Really Appreciate It ^.^..Muchas Gracias!!

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Well... It&acute;s not that i am a skilled artist an all but, what i have learned is that something that helps you to build up is training, daily drawings of very sofisticated and well designed arts... always copy from best.

Try diferent kinds of style so then you can make your oun style...

mucha suerte!!... espero que te halla servido de ayuda...

Soo what your saying is i need to find a beautiful piece of artwork and try to copy it to the best of my ability's without tracing??..if so, i'll keep it in mind ^^ le agradezco mucho! :D

Meditate and breathe deeply

hehe i'll try it out :P

Hell, I'm no artist at all. But I will say one thing: Find your own style of drawing. You may have to try drawing as other artists do to find your own style. When you think you're own individual style is good, try drawing something. You may be surprised how much you have improved.

Hope this helps,

P.S: Can I have one of your drawings? :3

do u take request?

i likee them big :D

o.O lolz

hehe sexy profile pic(: why dont you make a self portrait of you?

That profile pic waz a self portrait of me !!!............... :P JK lolz

I'm not an advanced artist, but heres what I experienced so far, hope it helps!

The guy below is probably right, go look at your favorite artists work, try figuring out what technique he used and why he used it (for example thin or thick lines).

Trying to copy it without tracing it is also a good way to learn, you will notice more of the details in the drawings and might appreciate the artists work even more! It will also allow you to &quot;adopt&quot; a style (like manga, cartoon or sticks (lol)) or might give you the inspiration you need to create your own. If you're getting pretty good at that, get a pick of your favorite movie/animation scene or maybe even your favorite comic/manga page and copy it, but try to change all the buildings, objects and people, so that you're actually only copying the perspectives and positions.

Also, try drawing something different, most people draw, well, people, but try drawing a cube, a table or a house maybe. you'll get a better feel of perspective's, because, perspective's are the hardest part IMHO!

Ok, heres one more tip, think and plan before you draw! I often start drawing, before I properly made up my mind about what I'm going to draw! Needles to say, it usually ends up messy at best :/

Finnaly I wish you the best of luck on walking down the road of becoming a greath and inspiring artist!

O, and i haven't uploaded any of my drawings to NG because I'm to shy to do it, sorry X.x

THANKS ALOT, that really help'd <3!